We regret to announce that Sky Cinemas has closed permanently.


We closed our business temporarily on March 18, 2020, the day a Hays County court issued an order prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 persons. We supported that order as we support all efforts to manage this public health crisis.


We had eagerly looked forward to the day when we could safely re-open Sky Cinemas. Sadly, that day will not come. With our business closed due to COVID and no revenue coming in, we were unable to pay our rent. We attempted to reach an arrangement with our landlord that would allow us to stay, but we failed to do so, and our lease was terminated.


We love Dripping Springs, and are proud of what we built with this community. We set out to develop the finest family cinema ever created. We sought to establish a place where Dripping Springs’ families would come together as a community. Our cinema became what we hoped it would.


The landlord is now looking for a replacement cinema operator. We hope that the new operator will build upon what we started and will continue to deliver to Dripping Springs the level of cinema experience it deserves.


And last but not least, we are grateful to our Sky Cinemas team members. These wonderful people are passionate about this community and worked hard every day to deliver the finest cinema experience to everyone who walked through our doors.


Thank you for your support, Dripping Springs. We will miss you. We are proud to have been your cinema.